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My 19-year-old sister is such a fuck up. Last week she asked me if she could use my car so she and her girlfriend could go to the mall. At first I said no but finally I agreed. I'd better stuck with my first thought...
Not even 15 minutes later I got a call from her: "Dear brother, you love me don't ya?". Since I don't I told her to just spit it out. "Well", she said, " I had a little accident with your car, I smashed it into the wall at the parking lot". At this point I lost it, ah well, she was going to pay me back until the last time, that was for sure. So she agreed to pay me back the whole $1100 bucks she now owed me no matter what it took. Here's where the story starts :)

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Since she doesn't has any skills it would take ages for her to earn my money back but since my friends tell me the whole time they would love to fuck my sister I got myself a little idea. Why not ask my friends for a little cash in return of fucking my sister?
I called the first name that came into mind and guess what, he would gladly fuck that little whore for $250. He didn't even mind that I filmed the whole thing. Now 4 friends later I already got back $1000. One more friend to go, and after that, who knows. I've put all my movies online ofcourse so the little cunt will always be reminded on what she did wrong.

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